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GALLERY wks.(OSAKA) 16.September-28. September 2019

「虚虚実実の遊戯 Part 2」会場写真
GALLERY wks.(OSAKA) 2019年


虚虚実実の遊戯 Part 2

時間:12:00-19:00 日曜定休日
場所:GALLERY wks.
〒530-0047 大阪市北区西天満3-14-26 中之島ロイヤルハイツ1103
TEL / 06-6363-2206

Eclipse 4
oil, alkyd and sand on canvas
1167×1167mm 2019

Eclipse 3
oil, alkyd and sand on canvas
1621×2606mm 2019

2018年の個展では、実体ではないアウトラインを実体のように扱う、また主客を逆転させてみるなど、私の絵画制作には、ネガとポジを反転させたい、または虚と実を自由に往来したいという潜在的欲求に基づくアイデアがあることから、「虚虚実実の遊戯」というタイトルをつけた。今回の発表はそれに継ぐPart 2になる。



「大きな嘘、積極的な嘘」でしか伝えられない私が本当に解き放ちたいリアルなメッセージ、それを今回の個展「虚虚実実の遊戯 Part 2」でも伝えていきたい。


KyokyoJitsuJitsu Game Part 2

In 2018, I titled my solo exhibition “KyoKyoJitsuJitsu Game (Playing between the virtual and the real)” as I had an idea of creating my works based on my subconscious desires; to reverse Positive and Negative space in composition and to switch freely between Kyo (fiction) and Jitsu (fact). I treated the outline as real although the outline doesn’t exist in the real world and I inverted the main motif and the sub-motif.
This exhibition will be the second one to explore this idea.

As a creator, you are constantly beleaguered by a sort of conflict in your mind. When artists create works using media such as paint, they keep going back and forth in the world consisting of two extreme oppositions: an idea and a result, Kyo and Jitsu.

When I use lucid colours and shapes, I sometimes feel that I am telling a big lie or deliberately telling a lie. Though I have a concept of the shapes of musical notes to paint, I am led to a different result, nothing to do with musical notes. So, why is it interesting to keep producing these works and what kind of beauty can I create therein?

Nevertheless, I can only convey ‘a big or deliberate lie’; I still want to be able to express what I really want to say at this exhibition “KyoKyoJitsuJitsu Game (Playing between the virtual and the real) Part 2.”

Rie Takeshita



Triplet 19
oil, alkyd and sand on canvas
1620×1940mm 2019

Triple Drops
oil, alkyd and sand on canvas
533×333mm 2019